Dr. Jamie Skillen

Podcast: Dr. Jamie Skillen on Stewardship and the Kingdom of God

Beyond Stewardship is a recent publication by Calvin Press. Chapters written by Dr. Bjelland and Dr. Jamie Skillen from the GEO Department at Calvin are included.

The book addresses issues of Christian stewardship in today’s world. This book is currently being sold at the Calvin bookstore and on Amazon. More information about the book can be found at this link : https://spark.adobe.com/page/4ddndTy8JoFcT/ .

Dr. Skillen is interviewed by the Beyond Steward editor, Matthew K. Heun. In the podcast, Dr. Skillen shares the interactions between Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson. He is encouraged to read a little from his chapter in discussing the interconnections between stewardship and the Kingdom of God. Lastly, he shares a bit about his writing process and how cross-collaboration was possible in this publication.

Hear the podcast now!

Podcast with Dr. Jamie Skillen in Beyond Stewardship

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